HELLO! I’m Stephanie ABBITT, a wedding designer and stylist based in the Midwest.

I spent a majority of my young-adult life in the education world where I studied data to create a comfortable classroom environment, thorough lesson plans, and a creative atmosphere. Now, I have transferred these skills to help you tell your story. Whether it be your wedding day, brand, or product, I am here to design scenes and style moments that create an experience, or visuals, which reflect you and share a deeper message.

Created in 2018, Unearthing: The Creative is a publication telling stories about creatives being creative through their journey, travel, creativity, and business. My love for discovery and artist’s hearts and creativity is displayed within the interviews and images.

Along with this, I reside amongst the corn fields of Indiana with my husband, daughter, and Australian Shepherd. We are currently building a small ranch, The Ranch on Lot Seven, and attempting to gracefully take on this beautiful thing called life.