Various Business Owners' Projects


Curating imagery is an art in itself. Each layout is unique to the business, their goals, and their imagery. The layout must be appealing to the eye - so no two pictures alike can stand together, the colors must flow, the images must communicate the proper message, and the eye must be drawn into the story.



before & afters


"You have no idea how much joy this brought to me! Truly, I look at it and I can’t believe it’s my work! It is inspirational!"

Not only did I have the honor of designing and directing Stacey's brand shoot, but I have had the honor of curating her feed as well. Stacey is incredibly talented and had so. many. beautiful. images stored away in her galleries. We wanted to showcase them front and center - showing that she is a coast to coast film photographer.


"I teared up looking at the “after”. It is BEAUTIFUL! I feel like it totally represents my work in a way I have not known how to do."

Allison has been working through up-leveling in her industry and was hoping for an elevated transformation in her feed. We accomplished just that! It's been an honor to curate her imagery from time to time over the years and watch her flourish and grow as a photographer!


"Stephanie is the first person I recommend when others are looking for styling or image curation which should say it all! ."

Kim Kaye is an emotion-evoking, adventurous wedding photographer. She has beautiful imagery that and wanted to focus more on the wild, fun, and more imperfect moments - so that's what we focused on for her grid! She wanted to try out a fun black & white checkered grid, which is always a lovely touch. Black & White photographs are often showstoppers!







"I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie for my IG curation, and I cannot express how thrilled I am with the results she continues to provide.

- Allison Francois

From the initial consultation call to the final execution, Stephanie demonstrated an unparalleled level of professionalism and creativity. The attention to detail in curating images for my Instagram was truly outstanding.  What sets Stephanie apart is not just her curation skills but also her ability to understand and encapsulate the ideal client you are trying to reach.  The creativity and thoughtfulness put into each curation were evident, making my Instagram feed a visual journey that not only showcased the significant moments of a wedding, but also the intricate details that help tell a story. Stephanie has helped me elevate my work 10 fold and I am forever grateful!”